GCh Dawsik's Crown Royal
Sire:  Am/Can Ch Kinnike Highgrove
Dam:  Ch Dawsik's Whiskey Girl JH
Whelped:  December 28, 2009

Sophie is the first Grand Champion at Dawsik.  She catapulted to Grand Champion before her 2nd birthday, after finishing her Championship with three 4-point majors.  She was Best Bred-by Exhibitor winner at the 2010 National Specialty for the American Pointer Club under Gloria Geringer.  Sophie is a true drama queen, regularly trying to convince us she really DOES need a pink pillow for a throne.  This from her tom-boy heart whose favorite vice is to wrap her muddy paws around the nearest human for a hug!



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Am/Can Ch Kinnike Highgrove



 Ch Kinnike Paul

 Ch Land's End Phantom of the Opera
 Ch Kinnike Stewart JH CD
 Ch Kinnike Ethel of Penzance  Ch Kinnike Edsel
 Ch Kinnike O'Donnell JH


 Ch Dawsik's Whiskey Girl JH

 Ch Southern First Kiss JH  Ch Solivia's Alpha Aquarii JH
 Ch PNR Carolina in My Mind
 Ch Solivia's Adhara JH  Ch Coralwoods National Pastime
 Ch Solivia's Sheer Cotton



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