Ch Dawsik's Whiskey Girl JH
Sire:   Ch Southern First Kiss JH
Dam:   Ch Solivia's Adhara JH

Hips OFA Good




Achievements:  Best Brood Bitch/2013 APC 75th National Specialty

Whiskey completed her Championship at 9 months, with beautiful, balanced movement and sassy attitude.  

Pedigree of " Ch Dawsik's Whiskey Girl JH"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch Southern First Kiss JH    

 Solivia's Alpha Aquarii

 Coralwoods National Pastime
 Solivia's Sheer Cotton
 PNR Carolina in My Mind  Hampton's Wicked Game
 Gemini of True Colors


Ch Solivia's Adhara JH

 Coralwoods National Pastime  Sydmar Coralwoods Grand Slam
 Sydmar the Heartless Wench
 Solivia's Sheer Cotton  Solivia's Blackheart Bravado
 Solivia's Maid of Cotton



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